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  • Akton Psychrometrics 7.0 (NEW Release)

    Major upgrade with a multitude of new features, capabilities and powerful process analysis tools. Akton Psychrometric 7.0 will have a Demo download posted shortly, check back soon.

Previous Version 4 Downloads
  • Akton Psychrometrics 4.10f

    Minor upgrade to support licensing on Windows ME computers. May be installed on top of an existing installation or from scratch.  Also eliminates the need for the separate NT Driver on Windows NT computers and Windows 2000.
    Download APC 4.10f (3375 kb file)


  • Akton Psychrometrics (The complete set for Version 4)

    This is the complete set of all the current program files and documentation.  They are all compressed into a single self extracting executable file.  The individual components and documentation are also provide below.  For people with slower connections.  It may save time to download only those pieces that you are in need of or interested in.
    Download Akton Psychrometrics (7051 kb file)


  • The Akton Psychrometric Chart - Version 4

    Version APC 4.1 of the Akton Psychrometric Chart for Windows.   Available here for download.  As minor improvements are made and bugs are fixed we will continue to keep the latest version available here.  If You are going to run APC on a Windows NT computer, don't forget to download the NT driver lower down on this page.  The NT driver requires that you be logged in as an administrator or user with "rights".

    Version (4.10e) has enhanced graphics.  It extends enthalpy lines beyond the saturation curve, and labels wet bulb temperature along the saturation curve.   Installing this package will update your existing version, and takes effect in both the APC and APX modules.
    Download APC 4.1 (3038 kb file)


  • Akton PsychrometriX - Version 4

    APX 1.0 A set of ActiveX controls that provide a programmer interface to the Akton Psychrometric Chart.  Even if you are not a programmer, or don't have a design time license for APX, you may still want to download APX.   If your copy of APC is licensed you will be able to run the demos, and possibly programs written by others using APX.
    Download APX 1.0 (1087 kb file)


  • NT Driver - Version 4 and earlier

    This NT driver is required in order to license APC or APX on a Windows NT computer.    Akton uses Kenonic Controls Crypkey system to manage its licensing.  If you are just evaluating APC or APX, and wish to run them strictly in demo mode, this driver is not required. Note: You must be logged in as an administrator or user with "rights" when you run the setup.exe and Configure NT Driver.
    Download NT Driver (771 kb file)


  • PDF Documentation - Version 4

    Akton's Version 4 software documentation is available in PDF (Adobe's Portable Document File) format. This provides an accurate representation of the printed manual that can be both easily viewed on a computer or printed.
    Download PDF Docs (2489 kb file)

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